Roblox Questions and Answers

Hello and welcome to this Roblox question and answer article. We’ve researched the types of questions that those new to Roblox and Roblox scripting ask when first starting out. Whenever learning something new, it can be hard to gain understanding at first but stick at it and you’ll get there!

The gaming team here at FBNM think Roblox is an awesome platform both for player and developers alike. The user generated content allows you to create on screen whatever you can imagine, without limits. There’s 22 millions UGC games on the platform – all created in the last 18 months. You can also read about $92 million funding achieved earlier this year here.

What is Roblox Studio?

Roblox Studio is the program used by developers to make games on Roblox. You use the tools provided in Roblox Studio to build and script your own game and then publish your game to the Roblox website. It’s completely free to use and you do not need to pay anything to host your game on Roblox’s servers.

What does Roblox mean?

Roblox was first called Dynoblocks before it launched to the public. However, CEO David Baszucki and then Co-Founder Erik Cassel wanted the game’s name to incorporate robots and blocks, so therefore the name was changed to Roblox.

Where can I learn more about scripting on Roblox?

There’s a few places to go. First of all there’s the Roblox wiki where you’ll find written and video tutorials. There’s also some dedicated Roblox scripting YouTube channels and websites. Look at AlvinBLOX’s Roblox code tutorials and his Roblox scripting channel for some great advice on getting started – he helped me when I first started getting into LUA scripting. PeasPod and EppoBot also have video tutorials too and come recommended.

What Roblox Admins Are Online?

There are lots of ways that you can check to see if Roblox admins are online. The best way is to go to the Roblox Staff group and checking all of the members in there. All of the members work at Roblox and there are links to their profiles to see if they are online or not. If they are in a game, you should be able to click the Join Game button and load into their game. If there is a blue icon next to their avatar, that means they are online, but not in a game.

What did Roblox look like in 2006?

Roblox was a lot different to what it is now back in 2006. The character animations were different, there was no Robux or Tix, just a currency called Roblox Points and there weren’t as many cool games as there are now as the tools given to developers weren’t as powerful as they are today. There are lots of different games on Roblox which simulate what it was like to play in 2006 and I recommend that you check them out if you want to know more about Roblox in 2006.

What Roblox Groups Pay You?

This is a tricky question. There are lots of groups on Roblox which offer payment to you for working for them, but you can never be sure that you’re being scammed or not. Most of these groups say that they will pay you for joining and “working” for the group but really that’s untrue and they just want you in their group to grow their member count and advertise their Roblox assets to you so that you might buy them.

What Roblox Password Should I Choose?

I recommend that you choose a password which is long, full of different characters such as capital letters, lower case letters, symbols and numbers so that it is hard to guess. Don’t have your Roblox name in your password, for example if your name was TheHappyHamburger don’t make your password TheHappyHamburger or TheHappyHamburger1. This makes it easy for someone to guess your password. I also advise that you don’t put any personal information in your password. You shouldn’t use a password which you re use somewhere else, because if someone hacks into your account by guessing your password, they would most likely try to hack something else such as your email with that password.

What Roblox Server Are You On?

Great question! You can never be sure which server you are on due to Roblox removing the server lists feature. There are lots of servers based around the world used by Roblox. You could be in a server in America, China, Germany, but you just don’t know! Roblox connects to these servers automatically when you click the play button.

Are there Roblox Toys available?

Yes! There are a number of Roblox toy figures to collect – you can find them in most toy stores or online.

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